Hand stand exercises at Internal fire Pilates, Mill Valley, Marin
Female workout at Internal fire Pilates, Mill Valley, Marin
Balancing at Internal fire Pilates, Mill Valley, Marin

You must register ahead of time:

You must register ahead of time (either online through our scheduling program or by speaking with someone directly). We run classes that have at least 2 people signed up 24 hours prior to class. Classes with less than 2 people enrolled 24 hours prior, will be cancelled. If you've signed up and class is cancelled, you will be given the option of taking a private session. Dropping in is possible if there are already 2 people enrolled. Please always check the online schedule for the most updated class schedule and to make sure class is running

24-Hour Cancellation Policy:

Your time is reserved exclusively for you. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy that applies to all classes, duets and private sessions. If you do not cancel a minimum of 24 hours prior to your session, you will be charged the full fee. This policy applies for any reason, including illness.

Before/After your session:

If you arrive early, feel free to wait on the chairs provided. You may also roll out, stretch or use the Foot Corrector/Toe Corrector. Be sure to give priority to the teachers and clients in session. Please do not wait in the Ultimate Fitness Gym and do not sit on or use their equipment while you wait (including treadmills, cycles, etc.). We ask that you avoid chatting before or after the session so as not to disrupt other sessions.

Clean Up:

We ask that you wipe down your equipment at the end of your session.

Package rates:

Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. They are an incentive to encourage a more consistent practice and as such, they expire 6 months after purchase.

Cell Phones:

Please turn your cell phone to vibrate or off so as not to disturb other sessions

55 Min. Sessions:

Your session will end with 5 min. to spare to allow for clean up, future scheduling and/or payment.