Courtney Butowski

Courtney Butowski, Trainee

Bio coming soon.

Jeni Jesse

Jeni Jesse, Certified Teacher

Jeni began studying the Pilates method in San Francisco as a client more than 10 years ago and quickly realized the benefits of this work, she became a bit of an addict. After two long and highly educational years of The Pilates Center of Boulder teacher training program she received her certification in May 2014. While working on this certification she also completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training in Colorado. This training complemented the Pilates Center studies and has helped round out more of what this work can do for a body.

The Pilates method is useful in helping to transform the body, inside and out, aiding in strength, alignment, oxygenation, posture, and digestion just to name a few of the benefits. Having experienced this first hand with her own body as well as clients over the past couple of years while in the teacher training program.

“ It truly never ceases to amaze me how smart the body is and how with a little motivation the muscles and mind can transform into a strong or stronger body.”

Sharon Gallagher-Riviera

Sharon Gallagher-Rivera, Owner, Senior Teacher

Sharon Gallagher-Rivera is the Owner of Internal Fire Pilates and is also Co-Owner of Pilates Education Lab, a training program for aspiring Pilates teachers in San Francisco and Marin. Sharon is a seasoned instructor, and bodywork and rehabilitation specialist committed to enhancing the well-being and resilience of her clients across all physical states and abilities.

Sharon started as a young gymnast and a multi-sport athlete, earned her BA in Politics and Performing Arts from USF in 1992, and then spent decades performing, both commercially and with contemporary dance companies including Printz Dance Project for many years. Initially trained by Ellie Herman, she began teaching Pilates in 1999 and taught at various studios in San Francisco and Marin, including Sanchez Street Studios, owned by Carol LeMaitre (now her teaching partner and co creator of Pilates Education Lab).

Today she is deeply proud of Internal Fire Pilates’ success and delighted with its growing community of loyal students. Her clients have always included other Pilates teachers, athletes and dancers, teens and elders, office workers and those living with physical challenges or chronic pain.

Sharon’s mastery of Classical Pilates and complementary approaches comes from working with many talented teachers over the years. Aside from years of study with Jennifter Stacey, M.S., she earned a Master’s Certificate with the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, whose leaders learned directly from Pilates elder, Romana Kryzanowska, (taught directly by Joseph Pilates). Sharon enriches her Pilates practice with continued movement study through a regular Pilates practice, dance training in many styles including Modern/Contemporary, West African and Brazilian, Yoga and weekly sessions with Jean Claude-West. Her students are her greatest teachers and she continues to gain experience through teaching with a range of methods. Aside from Pilates, these include: bodywork and massage techniques learned from her studies with Stephen Coleman, L.Ac., (blending the work of Lauren Berry, Swedish Massage, Rolfing and Feldenkrais), Jayne Edwards (Neuromuscular Rehabilitation work of Vladimir Janda, M.D.), and Sue Hitzman (creator of the M.E.L.T. method).


Jackson Grantham, Certified Teacher

I began training in Martial Arts in 2008, and completed my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt certification through the world renowned Ralph Gracie by 2013. However, in 2010 my martial arts practice came to a halt after I suffered a neck injury that required surgery, which led me to the beginning of my Pilates journey. After three years of a dedicated Pilates practice, I was hooked, and decided to enroll in the Pilates Education Lab Teacher Training program. I've now been teaching Pilates since 2014 and the experience has been beyond rewarding. Fitness has always been a positive part of my life and I've enjoyed continuously learning more about the body through each movement system I've studied. The best part about teaching Pilates is that I love helping my clients learn how to embrace healthier changes in their bodies.

John Krause

John Krause, Certified Teacher

John Krause has been teaching Pilates since 2000, having first studied with Debra Schubert and Madeline Black in Sonoma. He has taught in studios in Southern California and San Francisco and had a private practice in Sonoma for nearly ten years. John has an affinity for helping people overcome chronic issues and injuries as well as improving posture and overall fitness. He also holds certifications in Thai Medical Massage, NeuroKinetic Therapy and the Gyrotonic Expansion System. He continues to find inspiration in the work of Joseph Pilates and is excited about being a part of Internal Fire Pilates! A former three sport athlete John has practiced martial arts and zen archery and is an accomplished musician. When he isn’t teaching Pilates you can find him sailing the bay or hiking the hills of Marin.

Shana Morrison

Shana Morrison, Certified Teacher

After 30 years training in ballet and gymnastics, Shana Morrison began practicing Pilates in 2000 when a knee injury from dance led her to study new methods of strengthening and centering. Surprised and impressed with the results of her practice, Shana pursued teaching Pilates and became certified in the Pilates Method at the Ellie Herman Studios (author, Pilates for Dummies, Get on the Ball with Pilates, etc.) in 2004. Since then she has taught private apparatus sessions, duets, and classes in Marin County, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. To expand upon her education in body movement and functionality. Shana has attended Gyrotonic, Gyrokenesis, and Franklin Method training workshops, and in 2011 completed certification as a personal trainer She enjoys sharing her knowledge of classical pilates method with students of all levels of ability, raw beginner to seasoned pro, and encourages Pilates skills in all mvement pursuits.

Kerry O'Keefe

Kerry O'Keefe, Certified Teacher

Kerry has always been passionate about movement, health and spreading the word about all things good for the body. Kerry received her certification in Classical Pilates, based entirely off the works of Joseph Pilates, from the New York Pilates Teacher Certification within the United States Pilates Association. She works with a variety of clients from triathletes who have the desire to take their performance to the next level to clients who are in rehabilitation from injury/surgery or just getting back to fitness from a long break. Kerry's excitement and everlasting desire towards movement also extends to being an avid rock climber, skier, a mountain biker and a trailer runner. Her always cheery disposition and take-no-prisoner work ethic will guarantee you a great workout at any level and feeling good about the work you put in.

Lisa Prewitt

Lise Prewitt, Senior Teacher

Lise Prewitt began taking movement lessons as soon as she could walk. She was introduced to movement imagery and anatomy as a child through Idiokinesis.. This was the beginning of a strong background in understanding the body and for creating a great body awareness. She majored in biology and chemistry while continuing to study and perform modern dance.She began integrating movement and the biological understanding of the body with the study of Ideokinesis, Laban/Bartenieff and Body-Mind Centering. She was introduced to Pilates in 1994 while performing with a dance company, and then in 1996, after injuries from a car accident limited her abilities to dance and perform, she began to learn to teach Pilates. She has taught for both Ellie Herman's and Balanced Body's Pilates teachertraining programs and works with teachers as a mentor.With over a decade of Pilates teaching she also incorporates the nueromuscular techniques of Vladamir Janda, yoga, Feldenkrais, Franklin Method and her love of athletics and movement. She is currently in the Masters Program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, and is a certified MELT Hand and Foot teacher. Her teaching is informed through technical understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, her intuitive sense of the body and her keen observation of posture and movement. She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels as well as with people who have nuerological conditions and those recovering from injuries and trauma.

Adriana Quintero

Adriana Quintero, Apprentice

Adriana is currently an Apprentice in the Pilates Education Lab Teacher Training program. She began her training at the beginning of 2016. Her love of all-things-health brought her to a place where she wanted to not only be experienced, but an expert! Adriana finds peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction through the challenge and beauty of movement.  The Pilates Method has transformed Adriana’s body in ways that demonstrate true strength and the power to heal. Her passion for healing doesn’t stop at physical therapies, in fact, Adriana is also pursuing her Masters of Counseling Psychology. Her goal is to help people overcome their personal struggles through talk and somatic therapy.  Adriana firmly believes that the optimal way to discover health is through movement and a deep mind-body connection. If she isn’t spending time at the studio you might find her lathered up in SPF enjoying the California sunshine!  She always loves a good sweat! Her other fitness loves include: Running, Hiking, Spinning, Circuit Training, and Yoga

Other Education:
BA in Media Communication Art; San Francisco State University: 2014

Jen Raby

Jen Raby, Substitute Teacher

Jen Raby is a fully certified STOTT Pilates instructor bringing several years of experience and success working in the fitness industry, with additional certifications from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Some of her career highlights include:

  • Reebok Master Trainer
  • Equinox Fitness Club NYC winning the coveted “Thought Process” award for her attention to detail and care with her clients
  • Reebok Sports Club NYC, top sales grossing Personal Trainer
  • Owner of Core Pilates Studios awarded, ”Best Pilates Studio”, Newport Life Magazine
  • Fitness Director and Pilates Instructor Pilates ProWorks
  • Additionally, Jen is a published fitness writer, and has appeared as fitness expert for television, and fitness content websites. Jen's active lifestyle is not exclusive to the Pilates studio, she is an accomplished Equestrian competing in United States Dressage Federation Horse shows, runs daily with her two Jack Russell Terriers, and is an avid Yogi.

    Whether you’re new to Pilates, or a seasoned pro, Jennifer’s unique, motivating style of training will leave no muscle left behind combining her fitness training background with the intelligent and profound results of Pilates. With your every breath you’ll be stretched, strengthened and refreshed.

    Come see why “In 10 sessions you’ll feel better, in 20 sessions you’ll look better, in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body”~ Joseph Pilates

    Jen looks forward to training with you!

    Fernanda Repsold

    Fernanda Repsold, Certified Teacher

    Fernanda Repsold was first introduced to Pilates in 2002 as a suggested form of rehabilitation for a foot injury she incurred while training for triathlons.  In the process, she found that Pilates not only helped towards her successful recovery, but also helped unleash her passion for simple and complex patterns of movement throughout the whole body. As an athlete at heart, and an avid practitioner of yoga and gyrotonics, Fernanda believes Pilates is the binding ingredient that keeps the body strong, balanced, and free of injury.  Fernanda enjoys working with people from all walks of life, and is especially interested in applying Pilates as a means of stimulating the body's natural ability to heal.  Her style of teaching fosters a collaborative process of discovery, combining form and function, while always looking to the whole body to create a supple and uniformly developed structure.  

    - B.A. University of California Berkeley.
    - Advanced Teacher Training and Masters Program - The Pilates Center, Boulder CO.
    - PMA Certified - Pilates Method Alliance.
    - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduate - YogaWorks.

    Sidney Tarlow

    Sidney Tarlow, Apprentice

    My addiction to Pilates began when my body decided to stage a coup d'etat. I have always been a very active body, but once I hit fifty, no matter what the attempt at a workout, I inevitably sustained an injury. I become obsessed with problem solving this immense obstacle. I decided maybe a DVD or two trying different disciplines might end my misery. Much to my delight, I came across a Pilates DVD which changed my life, quite literally. I finally found a safe and joyful way to move again, in a way that I had never felt before. This was nirvana as far as I was concerned. I was so thrilled with this new found freedom that I decided to find a studio where I would endeavor to actually take a class. After extensive research, I came across "Internal Fire Pilates". I began taking community mat classes with one of the multi talented members of the staff, and that was it; I was officially addicted! Soon thereafter I realized this was my path. My aim is to connect with folks who feel stuck. I want to teach them how to move through things metaphorically and literally.

    I am now an apprentice at this amazing studio, and have completely fallen head over heals for the staff, my beautiful clients and my own body. It's like those dreams when you're flying. By the way, I'm having allot more of those these days!

    Emily Taylor

    Emily Taylor, Trainee

    Bio coming soon.