Man exercising at Internal fire Pilates, Mill Valley, Marin
Women training in Internal fire Pilates, Mill Valley, Marin
Stretching exercises at Internal fire Pilates, Mill Valley, Marin

We are proudly equipped with Classical Gratz and Basil apparatus.

To view our most current class types and descriptions, please see our Online Schedule.

Pilates Privates

This is a great option if you are just starting out or if you’ve been doing this a while and prefer the greater level of supervision and detail that is tailored to your body. If you have previously recovered from injuries, privates are a great way to retrain and return to natural and efficient movement patterning, as your form is adjusted and perfected by your instructor.

Build your practice by coming more often with our 1/2 hour private option. This affordable, quick but intense workout will allow you to embody the work quicker with more consistency.

Pilates Semi-Privates & Trios

Duets and Trios are a great option if you prefer a little bit more self-guidance and find having a fellow student motivating and inspiring. We can try to match you with someone who is at your level or you can come in as your own duet or trio.

Group Classes

These are a great way to challenge yourself and to develop confidence in your ability to sense where you are in space and to integrate cues.

Beg/Int Classical Mat

Nothing is more challenging than the Pilates Mat work. Come strengthen, lengthen and align your body while learning the basic and progressed Mat exercises in this challenging and focused class. Develop your skills to prepare for the flow and pace of the INT and ADV level Mat work.

Intermediate Classical Mat

Elevate your Mat skills to a higher level of detailed work and a larger repertoire of exercises. This class is taught in the traditional order and with transitions in a moderate to quick pace. Be prepared to sweat in this deeply challenging, full body workout experience.

Beg Teen Mat

This class (intended for Teens) will teach you about core strength and how to bring the Pilates concepts into your activities. It will allow you to work mindfully with your movement patterning, to create new choices and develop new, healthier movement habits.

Classical Community Mat

Try out our most affordably priced mat class taught by an Apprentice instructor. Apprentices are teachers in training, and your feedback in encouraged to assist in the growth of these soon to be instructors.

Beginning Classical Reformer

Learn the Basics of the Reformer Repertoire while improving posture, breath and function. This class is taught at a pace the allows you to integrate new movement information while still building strength.

Beg/Int Classical Reformer

In this class, you will develop the basic skills in the Reformer repertoire that will enable you to grow toward the Intermediate series. You will learn how to work from your deepest layer, how to initiate movement from the center, and how to transition your Reformer between exercises with flow.

Intermediate Classical Reformer

Challenge yourself with this deliberately paced class that will not only fine tune your understanding of the exercises, but will build strength and speed while creating flowing transitions to prepare you for the fast pace of the Advanced work.

Advanced Classical Reformer

This Class is intended for the seasoned Pilates practitioner who knows the Classical Advanced Repertoire with transitions and is ready for the fast-paced, heart pounding experience of intensely deep, focused and super challenging work. Instructor permission required

Mixed Level Contemporary Tower

Spring tension adds a new depth and challenge to the concepts from the mat work. Come and experience how the springs assist in holding your joints together while supporting the weight of your limbs and drawing you directly into your center. The springs also add the addition of resistance training to your muscles for a deep and challenging movement experience. Contemporary class allows for more site specific exercises, creative variations and modifications.

Int/Adv Classical Tower

Challenge yourself with the Advanced work. Spring tension creates not only resistance but also support. Come and experience the transformational power of the tower workout.

Int/Adv Reformer/Mixed Apparatus

Enjoy the challenge of this flowing workout on the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Tower, Mat and Spine Correctors. Mixed apparatus means it will be a different workout every time and allows you to try out the various pieces of traditional Pilates equipment. At this level, you should be familiar the traditional order and flow as well as how to transition your apparatus while maintaining connection and engagement.

Men’s Reformer/Mixed Apparatuss

Did you know that Joseph Pilates developed exercises to train boxers? By most accounts, he didn't even expect that women would do his exercises. In modern day, his work has become a bit feminized, and men are few and far between in Pilates studios. However, the archival footage shows the intensity of his original work. This class was created to give men a class to call their own and to work on exercises and cueing that speak to a man's body.